15-Jan-2020 To 31-Dec-2020

For the facilitation of all COMSATS family (Faculty, students, staff etc), Lost and found corner is created in Office Of Development, student affairs building, CUI Abbottabad.
The basic purpose of this corner is to collect lost things that are found by anyone inside campus or to display the loss of things on the notice board as well as OOD website. The link of the website is:
This way things will be collect at a single point and after verification will be handed over to the right person.
Please submit things that you find inside the campus. 

06-Dec-2019 To 16-Dec-2019



Prime Minister Fee Reimbursement Scheme remaining amount for 2018-19 has been granted by HEC to CUI Abbottabad Campus.


All award holders will be contacted soon for the collection of cheques. 

06-Dec-2019 To 15-Jan-2020

Dear All Alumni, 

University reunion just wouldn’t happen without the work of the alumni volunteers! This year we hope to have as many alumni as possible gather for a reunion. Reunions are planned by the COMSATS Alumni association working closely with the Office of development. 

For carry out alumni reunion and other activities related to alumni of CUI, Abbottabad Campus, Please send your nominations to be part of alumni association at

Preffered batches are from 2001-2014

till date the nominatins are:

Zeeshan Nazeer                    CIIT/FA02-MIT-049/ATD

Adnan Ishaq                           CIIT/S002-MIT-037/ATD

Imran Qayyum                        CIIT/F002-MIT-018/ATD

Ubaid ALi                                CIIT/S004-MBA-004/ATD

Absaria Talhat Lodhi               CIIT/FA04-MDS-031/ATD

Saima Habib                          CIIT/FA02-BCE-026/ATD



03-Dec-2019 To 03-May-2020


With the approval of the competent authority, Qarz-e-Hasna awardees will be given 20% remission on the total amount of Qarz-e-Hasna. This is offer is valid till may 2020.

01-Dec-2019 To 31-Dec-2019

Dear Alumni,

Office of development is seeking new horizons of job opportunities and is making a data base for the alumni who are seeking Jobs: for that matter, kindly send your CVs at if you are seeking a job.