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Program Description

The focus of the present Master Program remains on perspectives that have a bearing on the emerging and most current trends (knowledge, skills & practices) related to social development issues within the overall framework of sustainable development and inter-related spheres. Emphasis is also placed on providing a sound basis for conceptual understanding of issues related to study of development policy with particular reference to Pakistan. Also the program has been designed in a way where it leads to professional enhancement and increased options and opportunities for the current and emerging jobs in the private & public sectors in the regional, national and international arenas. The program also encompasses the study of societies, economies and institutions of the “developing countries”, their inter-connectedness with the “developed world” and the process through which the international institutions and mechanisms impact upon the overall goals of development within a global context.Development Unit (CCDU) will be strengthen through direct linkages with the Donor community and Development Organizations.
Linkages will be established with the Research & Development Organizations and Donors community for conducting action research in various aspects of development
Seminars and workshops on different development issues will remain the integral component of all activities of the department of development studies.
Development Network will be created through Linkages with Academia, Development Organization and Donors. 

Application and admission

Admission requirements

The general admission requirements are the same for all programmes.

General admission requirements

Specific admission requirements

The basic criteria for admission in MDS program is BA/BSc. However development practitioners and professionals from the Govt. and private sector organizations including NGO’s workers or those employed with multi lateral and bi-lateral institutions and desirous of benefiting from adding a social science perspective related to Development Studies can also apply for the program. The program will be open for those students/candidates who are:

  • BA & BSc professional degree holders wanting to specialize in Development Studies.
  • Post-graduate professional degree & diploma holders in other related disciplines.
  • BA & BSc in any Humanities, Social Sciences or Physical Sciences Subjects.


For the employed professionals who take up the Masters Program, it provides an opportunity to enhance and diversify their professional skills and is in a position to take up higher positions in their organizations. For others, including fresh students, the knowledge and skills gained in the Development Studies Program can lead qualified candidates/students to professional careers encompassing a wide range of current and emerging opportunities and career prospects.

While the program is most suitable for fresh BA/BSc and higher-level education qualified students, it is also extremely beneficial for the not-for-profit sector and the private sector. Besides numerous other associated fields, the Study Program will lead qualified students/candidates in securing jobs and assignments in the Development sector  

Career prospects


  • Executives - managers, administrators, planners (different levels)
  • Technical (experts, specialists, practitioners)
  • Sectoral (experts, specialists, practitioners) - all social sectors including natural resources and environment
  • Teaching/Academia
  • Consultants and Advisors

Related Organizations

  • Government agencies and departments
  • Local government assemblies - elected representatives
  • Non-governmental organizations, civil society organizations, public interest organizations and the like
  • Bi-lateral and multi-lateral institutions & organizations
  • Academic institutions & establishments
  •  Private Sector