Applied Mathematics

1. Instability Of MHD Poiseuille- Couette Flow

  1. PI  Dr. Zakir Hussain
  2. CoPI  Dr. Muhammad Ayub
  3. Project Title: Instability of MHD Poiseuille- Couette flow
  4. Approved Amount: PKR 0.380 million
  5. Approved Date: Nov 20th, 2013
  6. Project Duration: 09 months
  7. Funding Agency: Higher Education Commission
Project Members
  • Dr.Muhammad  Ayub
  • Dr.Zakir Hussain
  • 2. N-Patient-Specific Modeling Of Pressure And Flow In The Human Arm Arteries

    Title: Patient-specific Modeling of Pressure and Flow in the Human Arm Arteriess

      PI: Dr. Rahim Gul (2.5 Million PKR)

      Item No. A-04

      Project No.  PSF/Res/CP/KPK-CIIT/Med (21) 

       Submitted to PSF and initial recommendation of concept paper is completed by PSF Screening Committee on Health Sciences, Biological Sciences and Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering held on June 09, 2017.


    Project Members
  • Dr.Rahim Gul