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Skills Development

Skill Development Committee (SDC)

Self-Assessment Report

List of Contents


In ECE department SDC was founded in 2018. The goal was to develop basic skills of undergraduate students in their BS project. As OBE is adopted widely, therefore, Program Education Objectives (PEOs) are the pressing outcomes of every young engineer. The fulfillment of PEOs will only be attained when CQI process is met successfully. Considering the needs of Bloom Taxonomy and basic requirements of Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC), SDC is working hard in Comsats Abbottabad ECE department. Till date, SDC conducted various talks, seminars, and workshops to final semester students. In this perspective, we require various promising skills that must be developed within an engineer are, listed as:

  1. Learning, b) Developing, c) Writing, d) Formatting, e) Speaking, f) Presentation, g) Team Work, h) Confidence building, i) Personal Growth, and j) Benefits to human society, animals, and wild life.

Figure 1: SDC Overview


SDC Work Plan

Figure 2: SDC Work Plan

SDC Objectives

Primary Objectives of SDC are listed as:

  • BS Thesis Format Monitoring
  • BS Thesis Templates and Presentation Template Management
  • Conduction of General Talks, Seminars, and Workshops
  • Recommendations, corrections, and improvements in above works
  • Meetings with DARC Members for Policy regulations


Flow-diagram of SDC Activities


Figure 3: Overall Flow-diagram of SDC Activities with inner and outer loops described by (a) and (b) segmentation


Feedback Mechanism to Student, Faculty, and Stakeholders

Feedback Mechanism to Student, Faculty, and Stakeholders are listed as:

  • Emails-Templates and writing guidelines
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • SWOT Analysis

Figure 4: Feedback Mechanism


Table 2: SWOT Analysis of SDC









  • Learned Members (PHD
  • Profiles with all related skills
  • Availability of all resources
  • Providing guidance in friendly environment
  • Floating latest state-of-the-art OBE and CQI system files as soon as available to concerned students
  • System design closed loop feedback structure


  • Online communication with skill members and students
  • Lack of regular session for skill enhancement
  • Limited resources of halls at sudden event times



  • Capabilities for providing skill lectures nation wide
  • Limited skills committees’ availability in regional universities
  • Emerging need for OBE and CQI system infrastructure
  • Google page of the skill Committee is available
  • Changing regulating policy making bodies
  • Negative impression communication from students
  • Varying students’ attitude towards SDC


Recommendation Mechanism to DARC

Recommendation Mechanism to DARC is as follows:

  • Emails to DARC members
  • Suggestions, comments, and improvement plans
  • Analysis and Improvements at the end of each semester
  • Departmental meetings and discussions


Enlist the CQI Process and Flow-diagram of SDC

CQI Process and Flow-diagram of SDC is described in Figure 5:

Figure 5: Inner and Outer Loop flows of CQI based SDC Activities