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Impact and Future Prospects of Organic Farming Practices at Oghi, Mansehra

The Research Project of worth Rs. 0.3 million was funded by ActionAid (Pakistan) was completed in October 2012 in collaboration with a local NGO, Oghi Development Organization (ODO) working in Oghi, Mansehra. During the study various field visits were made to the various villages of Tehsil Oghi for survey, social data collection through questionnaires, collected soils and waters samples for their chemical analysis with the main objective of investigating the impacts of organic farming system on the local farmers of Oghi and its future aspects in terms of socio-economic development of the people of Oghi. A student of MS of CUI was engaged in the project as Research Associate.

Iodine in Soils, Plants and Waters in Relation to Health Implications in Human Beings

The research project proposal of worth Rs 5.64 million has been submitted to HEC and already approved by reviewers with no further re-review and being awaited for final approval and release of funds for commencement of the research.