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Message by the HoD

Dr Bahadar Nawab Khattak
Department of Management Sciences

Development Studies is an emerging discipline with a high demand of its graduates in public and private sectors. The core curriculum of the development studies integrates the wider discipline and knowledge of the social, environmental, administrative and management sciences. This cross-disciplinary knowledge and skills are necessary to prepare students for the challenge in the diverse field of development processes, projects and practices.

Pakistan, like many other developing countries, are facing serious economic, social, institutional, cultural and development challenges. The country is also prone to both natural and man-made disaster/crises due to its geographical and strategic location.  To meet these challenges, professionals equipped with interdisciplinary knowledge and skill is highly needed at policies and practices level both in public and private sector organizations. The aim of the different programs launched by the department of development studies is to produce researchers, professionals and practitioners with a broad knowledge of cross-disciplines needed for initiations and sustainability of the rural and urban development I Pakistan.

The Department of Development Studies is offering the following programs for fresh students and on-job mid-careers professionals:

1.    Bachelor (4 years BS) in Development Studies

2.    Master (16 years M. Sc) in Development Studies

3.    MS (18 years of education after BS or M. Sc) in Development Studies

4.    MS (18-year education after BS or M Sc) in Sustainable Water Sanitation Health and Development (jointly run by the departments of environmental sciences and development studies)

5.    MS (18 years education) in Conflict Peace and Development (from Fall 2014)

6.    PhD in Development Studies (from Fall 2014)

All these programs are designed to meet the demands and expectations of the market (including government sectors, UN and humanitarian agencies, and other private sector organizations.

The department of development studies is enjoying interesting institutional collaboration with the international universities in Europe and Asia. Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway, University of Bonn, Germany, Tribhuvan University Nepal and Ruhana University Sri Lanka are among our active partners. The collaboration with these universities encompasses long-term projects that support the above-mentioned programs with a high focus on joint research, student and staff exchange and capacity building of CUI.