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Department of Chemistry offers MS and PhD degree programs in various research areas. The MS and PhD students are striving for creating and completing an independent, original research in the chemical sciences. This experience plays a pivotal role towards strengthening the foundation for their future careers in the increasingly diverse scientific enterprise.

Abbottabad, with its unique landscape, is the rich source of unexplored medicinal plants, a variety of unexploited rocks and minerals. There is a dire need that chemist could conduct research on the medicinal plants of this area to isolate and evaluate new compounds and materials, devise new and economical industrial methods of synthesis and manufacturing, involve in biochemical analysis, forensic science, quality control and environmental protection. None of this is possible without a strong university education in Chemistry.

The Department of Chemistry, after its establishment in 2008, is well-known for its teaching excellence and quality research facilities. The department is comprising of highly qualified and talented faculty of national and international repute. The department is equipped with state-of-the art teaching and research laboratories facilitated with updated library. The Department of Chemistry consists of several research groups viz; Applied, analytical & Industrial Chemistry, Material Chemistry, Natural Product Chemistry, Organic & Biological Chemistry and Physical & Theoretical Chemistry. Interdisciplinary research is also available with the Departments of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Environmental Sciences and Earth Sciences.

In order to compete in the international world, the department is establishing effective international collaborations with foreign universities, especially with German, UK, Malaysian, Chinese universities, etc. This department has several research collaborations with international universities and institutions and several MoU’s in this regard have been signed. The faculty and students are getting benefit from these MoU’s by conducting collaborative research to enhance their knowledge and research expertise in the world ranking universities.