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National Disaster Awareness Day

Department of Development Studies celebrated National Disaster Awareness Day. The picture gallery was displayed by BDS-5 students, that depicted:
1. The Remembrance of 8th October 2005 earthquake
2. The current water crises
3. The solution of water crises

The 8thof October is marked as the National Disaster Awareness Day in Pakistan. The students of BDS-5, specializing in disaster management, under the supervision of Mr. Adam Zahoor (CCDU) celebrated the day to promote a culture of disaster awareness and reduction among other students, faculty and staff. It served as a reminder of the potential disasters caused by hazards such as the earthquake of 2005, and our vulnerability to such hazards. This interactive session was carried out by Mr. Adam along with the students of BDS 5 as part of their course of “Disaster Management”. The impressive display of pictures, slogans, art and messages by the students focused on the Earthquake of 2005 and how current disasters may be in many shapes and forms such as the present water crises in Pakistan. The picture gallery was set up at the entrance of the University engaging passing students and faculty of all levels.  The Head of the Department of Development Studies, Dr. Adnan Ahmed Dogar and other faculty members from department visited the display and engaged in discussions on the topic of disaster awareness, preparation and vulnerability of communities. The students were encouraged and appreciated by all.



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