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Research & Applied Projects Exhibition

Industrial Liaison office (ILO) held its first ever event titled “Research & Applied Projects Exhibition”, from 23-25 Oct 2019 during the 1st National Conference on Economic Development of Hazara Division.

The aim of the exhibition was to:

  • Present a true image of CUI-ATD in terms of research
  • Commercialize the faculty research & student’s projects
  • Know industrial concerns and research needs
  • Bridge the gap between academia and industry for future coordination

The Chief Guest, dignitaries, industrialists and rest of the participants appreciated and took great interest in the following projects/research works of the various departments and intended to discuss/take it further:

A: Environmental Sciences

  • Anaerobic waste water treatment of industrial waste water
  • Constructed Wetlands for industrial wastewater treatment
  • Photo catalytic degradation and disinfection of wastewater
  • Waste Biomass based adsorption of pollutants
  • Biomass adsorption of pollutants from drinking water
  • Photo catalytic disinfection of drinking water
  • Sand filter in disaster snatch on for communities

(Interest shown by the Government Mining Agency/ Industry & Commerce)

B: Earth Sciences

Research titled: Magnetic prospecting and geochemical analysis for the Mineral exploration of Mali-Dera deposits, Kohistan Island Arc-Pakistan.  (Interest shown by Secretary Mines & Minerals Environment Protection and Climate changes)

C: Electrical & Computer Engineering

Student’s project titled: BioCLAT, It is a cloud based attendance system with face recognition based additional feature.  (Interest shown by a school)

D: Civil Engineering Department

  • GIS based Landslide Hazard Analysis
  • Hydralic Lift Model
  • Ram Pump Model
  • GIS based Urban Land Change Analysis
  • Adoption and Awareness of Building Information Modelling  (BIM) in Pakistan


Mohammad Idrees

Senior Manager (ILO)

COMSATS University Islamabad,

Abbottabad Campus

Off. Ph: +92 (992) 383591-5, Ext:412



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