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TechFest Fall 2019 at CUI Abbottabad

It is a matter of immense pleasure for COMSATS University Islamabad, Abbottabad Campus, that the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department has organized a student’s projects/posters exhibition “TechFest-Fall19” at the campus on 29th October 2019 in the Z-block.


ECE department would like to thank the worthy Director for granting the approval of this exhibition. At this moment the role of Prof. Shahid Khattak is also appreciated to make this event much more successful. Dr. Uzair Khan and Dr. Ali Zahir along with their team has made exceptional efforts in planning and organizing this event and making it a success by achieving all the objectives planned and expected from this event.


TechGATEWAY society was assigned the task by the HoD ECE to organize this event. Worthy Director has shown some great interest in different projects and proposals presented by the students. Team of TechGATEWAY society has worked with full commitment to make this event a success story. With very limited resources, the only thing left for the society was its commitment and support by the senior management both in the department and campus. We would also like to thank different offices for their role in making this event a successful one. Mr. Salman, Mr. Sajid Naeem, Miss Zainab and Mr.Waqar, Mr. Ali Khan, Mr.Nisar and Mr.Waqar, Mr. Aqeel Abbass and Mr. Rafiq Ahmad, thanks to all of you along with your teams.


Vision of TechFest-Fall19: The vision of this event was to:

  1. Make a real culture of interaction between the academia and local industry.
  2. Inter-departmental students and faculty interaction.
  3. A platform for the students to pitch their ideas.
  4. Semester project and FYP’s presentation. 
  5. MS research proposals having an industrial orientation.

Invitation for TechFest-Fall19: As the event was more focused on the local industries and organization, thus different industries/organizations were visited and invited for the said event.

Guests: Based on the efforts of the ECE department following offices and their representatives have graced the occasion.

  1. Prof.Umer Farooq. CEO Ayub Medical Complex
  2. Mr. Syed Shafqat Hussain Shah. Senior Vice President Abbottabad Chamber of Commerce.
  3. Mr. Muhammad Hammad. CEO CODEMEDICS
  4. Mr. Mubasshar Khan. SRO Agriculture Research Center, Abbottabad
  5. Prof. Hashim Khan. Principal of PolyTechnic College.
  6. Engr. Umair Abdul Malik. Snr Engineer
  7.  Engr.FatehUllah Khan. Snr Shift Engineer, Fauji Power Plant
  8. Industrial owner’s representative form Small Industries.

Achievements by TechFest-Fall19: With the grace of almighty (ALLAH), under the above vision of TechFest-Fall19 all points have been attained with complete success.

  1. Dr. Umer Farooq (CEO, AMC) has shown great interest in the projects and ideas presented by the students. Dr. Umer has offered joint collaboration between the ECE department and AMC in reference to different projects and proposals. These projects include:
  1. BioClAt.
  2. MS proposals (A preliminary study on retinal image segmentation using U-Net deep learning model, Kidney Tumor Segmentation: A machine learning approach) 
  3. 3D-Printer

Our departmental team will visit the AMC in the next week to make a proper working arrangement.

  1. Mr. Muhammad Hammad (CEO, CODEMEDICS) has shown a lot of interest in IoT based projects and proposals. He offered the ECE department for the idea of business incubation at the ECE department. He has shown interest in the following projects and asked the ECE department for further collaboration.
  1. Water level detection and monitoring system with IoT features. (WISE)
  2. IoT based real-time collision detection and warning system in dense fog.


  1. Syed Shafqat Hussain Shah (SVP, ACCI) has shown interest in the following projects and invited the team of ECE department to visit their office for proper deliberation for future collaborations.
  1. Analysis of the power distribution unit.
  2. Reactive power compensation.
  3. Energy harvesting.
  1. Mr.Mubasshar Khan (SRO Agriculture Research Center, Abbottabad) has shown interest in CNC based smart farming system. The agriculture department and ECE department is already working on two joint projects.
  2. Engr. Umar A. Malik (Snr Engr) has discussed different possible ways to interact with government organizations. ECE department is willing to interact with more enthusiasm with different government organizations under the patron-ship of worthy Director.

Thanks to Organizing Team:  This is the best place to share the names of team members without whom efforts, this event could not be successful. With the help of the TechGATEWAY society team, all the points in the vision have been attained and the society is fully committed to pursuing the vision to make some real sense out of this event in the nearer future. InshaLLAH


Dr. Imdad Khan                 Convener

Dr. Uzair Khan                   Member

Dr. Ali Zahir                         Member

Engr.Muhammad Arif     Member

Engr.Muhammad Asad  Member

Engr.Fahad Khan              Member



TechGATEWAY Society student’s team has performed exceptionally during the whole preparation of this event.

TechGATEWAY society also liked to thank IET team and its head Dr. Jawad Salim for their support during the event. We like to thank Dr. Abdul Majid and ERC team for their role. We would also like to thank OOD, ILO, and SSBC for visiting the event.


Conclusion: The ECE department is committed to serving the local as well as national industries and organizations with full commitment. ECE department will follow-up on the outcomes of this event in the nearer future to make maximum benefits out of it. These kinds of events are the grace of engineering programs and have very exceptional long-life benefits. We hope that we will be able to organize such events in a more frequent way to make a real culture of practical work.



Dr. Imdad Khan

Associate Professor/HoD

Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

COMSATS University Islamabad, Abbottabad Campus



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