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Undergraduate Programs
  • Students working in lab

    BS in Computer Science

    The program focuses on instilling comprehensive Computer Science knowledge among students.

  • Students working in lab

    BS in Telecommunication & Networking

    BS (TN) is aimed at catering the human resource needs in the fast growing industry of telecommunication and networking.

  • Students working in lab

    BS in Software Engineering

    This program is developing professionals having a mastery of software development principles, theory, practice and process to develop high quality software applications.

  • Students working in lab

    BS in Computer Engineering

    It focuses on the design, analysis and application of the computer systems.

  • Accounting program instruction

    BS in Electrical (Electronics) Engineering

    BS in Electrical (Electronics) Engineering provides the students a broad spectrum of knowledge base which allows them to work in areas ranging from maintenance, management, design & reverse engineering.

  • Accounting program instruction

    BS in Environmental Sciences

    The program is designed to meet the demand for professionals, capable of performing tasks such as sample collection and monitoring etc.

  • Students discussing assignment

    BS in Business Administration

    Our BS (BA) program is designed to provide a thorough grounding in all key aspects of business management.

  • Students discussing assignment

    BS in Biotechnology

    Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology has been launched at CIIT Abbottabad with the aim to provide trained HR in rapidly exapnding field of biotechnology

  • Students discussing assignment

    BS in Earth Sciences

    This program is designed to provide a solid foundation in the fileds of geology & Geophysics & prepare students for relevant industries, exploartions, government organizations, overseas job market, business & higher education

  • Students discussing assignment

    BS in Development Studies

    This program aims at providing the students with an indepth study of rural development, disaster management, gender & development, and development project planning & Management.

  • Students discussing assignment

    BS in Economics

    This program is designed to equip graduates with comparative knowldege of economic theory & applied econimics. Program offers a combination of theoratical & practical courses.

  • Students discussing assignment

    BS in Civil Engineering

    Bachelor of Science in Civil engineering at CIIT Abbottabad aims to provide critical learning for broad foundation in structures, environmental engineering, geotechnical, materials, water resources & transportation.

  • Students discussing assignment

    Doctor of Pharmacy

    It is a professional degree progam that prepares students for careers as pharmacists in a variety of practice settings.

Graduate Programs
  • Adult students listening to lecture

    MS in Computer Science

    MS (CS) is a quality research program and combines a wide range of taught advance courses with a research project undertaken in academia & industry.

  • Adult students listening to lecture

    MS in Mathematics

    This program aims to provide suitable career in many research organizations/laboratories, both government & private.

  • Adult students listening to lecture

    MS in Chemistry

    MS Chemistry is a two year program, aims to develop research skills of students with the opportunity to conduct research in any of major areas of chemistry including organic & biological, inorganic & materials, natural products, biochemistry, physical & analytical, and computational chemistry. The highly qualified 23 PhD faculty and state of the art laboratories are the major strength of the department.

  • Adult students listening to lecture

    MS in Electrical Engineering

    The program is designed to prepare students for technically demanding careers in industry as well as for post master's graduate studies in Electrical Engineering.

  • Adult students listening to lecture

    MBA (1 1/2)

    This program has been specifically designed for enhancing the managerial and leadership skills of business graduates who have completed their 4 years BBA program from an accredited university.

  • Students discussing assignment

    MS in Sustainable Water Sanitation Health and Development

    The program gives a broad introduction to water sanitation and associated health issues.

  • Students discussing assignment

    MS in Earth Sciences

    This program accommodates individual career objectives for those with degrees in Geology, Geophysics & allied fields/relevant subjects to pursue advance research work & placement in the field

  • Students discussing assignment

    MS in Pharmacy

    MS in Pharmacy program focuses on research training in Pharmaceutics, Pharmacy Practice, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry & Pharmacognosy.

  • Students discussing assignment

    MS in Environmental Sciences

    The aim of program is to provide students with an opportunity to pursue their ambitions in this broad & multidisciplinary field and to become efficient advocates of the environment.

  • Students discussing assignment

    MS in Biotechnology

    This program broadly aims at preparing human resources in this emerging area of science of 21st century with the realization of meeting local, regional & global demands of qualified & well trained professionals.

  • Students discussing assignment

    MS in Management Sciences

    This program offers a professional graduate course of study designed to provide competency in management & to acquaint the students with a variety of business activities.

  • Students discussing assignment

    MS in Project Management

    The program is exclusively designed for those who desire to enter into project management either in their current technical or business fields or into a new field of expertise as a career change.

  • Students discussing assignment

    MS in Economics

    Graduate program in Economics aims to produce graduates who may take up careers in governmental and non-governmental organizations.

  • Students discussing assignment

    MS in Banking & Finance

    Primary objective of this program is to produce knowledgeable & capable executives & workforce to move quickly to key positions in the financial services sector.

  • Students discussing assignment

    MS in Development Studies

    The MS in Development Studies integrates substantive knowledge spanning the disciplines of social, environment & administrative sciences.

  • Students discussing assignment

    MS in Conflict, Peace & Development

    The program is designed to address the issues of conflict which leads to unfold possibilities of peace and development.

  • Students discussing assignment

    MS in Environmental Engineering

    MS in Environmental Engineering is a 2 years graduate program after BS Engineering and spans over 4 semesters with a minimum of 30 credit hours.

pHd Programs
  • Professor pointing at board

    PhD in Computer Science

    This program provides a strong foundation to our students with course work in advance topics of computer science & cross disciplinary areas which set their foundation to meet challenges of quality research.

  • PhD in Electrical Engineering

    Quality & impact of program is demonstrated by many highly cited research publications in national & international journals.

  • PhD in Chemistry

    The Ph.D. program at the Department of Chemistry offers a high level training to the research scholars for developing skills to become an independent researcher and make them capable to find sustainable solutions of regional/global issues across the field of chemical sciences (Organic, Inorganic, Materials, Natural products, Physical, Analytical, Computational, and Biochemistry). Highly qualified faculty specialized in various fields of chemistry and well equipped state of the art research facilities are available at the Department.

  • Speaker lecturing group

    PhD in Biotechnology

    Program offers enormous research exposure with major focused areas of research.

  • PhD in Environmental Sciences

    Our PhD (ES) program acquaints the scholars with critical analysis of the present & future development activities in the light of its ultimate environmental effects on climate change & water resources etc.

  • PhD in Development Studies

    This research program is organized in multidisciplinary areas including vulnerability and poverty reduction, dynamics of global environment, social change, social justice, conflict & peace, gender issues, and understanding scientific, socio-economic, technological, institutional, & ethical dimensions of development.

Match your major with your career aspirations.

COMSATS Abbottabad Campus is offering 17 undergraduate and 24 graduate programs under 11 departments. The student’s strength has increased from 121 to 5700, in 2015 which is a 47 fold increase.