Strategy & Management

1. An Analysis Of The Impact Of Civil Conflict On The Local Businesses Of Swat Valley

An analysis of the impact of civil conflict on the local businesses of  Swat valley

Project Members
  • Dr. Syed Amjad Farid Hasnu
  • 2. Analyzing The Extent Of Using Computer Support For Decision Making In Various Industries Of Pakistan

    Business decisions can be enhanced by improving the situation awareness of the decision makers. Business decision-making frequently emphasises costs, benefits, and risks and therefore modelling business decisions with computer-based systems can support situation awareness and ultimately improve the business decision making. In previous research it is noticed that in simulated experiments decision makers seem to accept the suggestions of computer-based systems but in actual events / situations they prefer their own judgement or experience. This research will focus on determining the extent to which computer-based systems are being used for decision making in various industries of Pakistan and role of their trust on system usage. Moreover, the identification of factors affecting the use of these systems can be incorporated in the system design to improve user trust

    Project Members
  • Dr. Yasir Javed