Environmental Nanoscience

1. CO2 Capture And Utilization Of Thermal Power Plants Using Nanomaterials

Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are a primary cause of global warming. Industries are considered as a major source of CO2 production. It is estimated that till 2011, the electricity and heat generation sector alone produced 42% of global CO2 emissions. Therefore, CO2 emission control in this sector will have a marked influence on global warming phenomenon. Recent studies are focused on the concept of CO2 capture from large point sources such as thermal power plants and converting it to useful materials. For this purpose, nanomaterials have been proved to be an attractive option. In this regard, nano-hollow structured nanomaterials and nanocomposites are used as adsorbents and catalysts for CO2 capture and utilization. In this project, we aim to develop a series of Iron oxide-Alumina- hollow zeolite based nanocomposites as adsorbent as well as photocatalysts for CO2 utilization by selective adsorption and photoreduction process to useful fuel. The novel engineered nanoadsorbents and photocatalysts will be synthesized and characterized by SEM, FT-IR, XRD and BET and BJH methods. These nanomaterials will be tested for their performance for CO2 capture and utilization using adsorbents columns and photocatalytic reactor. CO2 capture kinetics and mechanistic studies will also be performed.  

Project Members
  • Dr. Romana  Khan