Livelihoods and Food Security

1. Estimation Of Farm Level Technical Efficiency In Maize Production In The High Mountains North Region Of Pakistan

Estimation of farm level technical efficiency in maize production in the high mountains North region of Pakistan


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1 HEC no logo 0.5 Million Rupee

Project Members
  • Dr. Arif Alam
  • 2. The Impact Of Benazir Income Support Program On Household Socio-Economic Dynamics And Poverty Reduction (An Evidence From Pakistan)

    The governmental programs are very much important to improve the socio-economic circumstances and conditions of the household to eradicate poverty and improve their productivity. Therefore, the literature from all over the world shows that the governmental projects or programs have improved the standard of living of the household in that regions. The Benazir Income support program has been launched by the government of Pakistan to reduce the poverty and expand the socio-economic condition of the society as a whole and of an individual. By using the logistic regression model in rural Pakistan to describe the main causes of poverty for his studies he investigated about the scattered population and its poverty indicators and found that education is the main stream in the improvement of the life of the people.

    The main objectives of the research is:


    1. To identify household socioeconomic factors that affect the schooling, health and nutrition of their children.
    2. To identify, the core reasons that creates problems towards poverty reduction in the region?    
    Project Members
  • Dr. Arif Alam
  • 3. Determinants Of Career Decision Making Among Higher Secondary School Students In KP

    The project aimed to explore the determinants of career decision making among grade students in KP.

    Project Members
  • Dr. Ikram  Shah